Who is Tony

imageTony Kalioros

Growing up in Corfu, Greece, Tony was accustomed to the Mediterranean lifestyle from an early age. imageBeach days and free diving all summer long, foraging for pine nuts among evergreen forests throughout winter and tending to animals in huge pastures every chance he could at his Godmothers farm – life was good.


imageAt the tender age of 12, financial circumstances and the decline in Greece’s economy, led Tony and his family to find a new life in America.  The culture shock and pace of America was Tony’s turning point and the beginning of a personal mental struggle.

Having to live in a place that seemed so inhospitable, Tony found refuge in nature teachings.  Drawing on the energy of his spirituality and focusing on the nature around him, Tony became secluded in his own environment, couple that with a clear language barrier and his inability to relate to the world around him his own company felt the best – and the most honest.



Welcome to Adelaide

Fast track 6 years later and while life started to feel normal, Tony had a new challenge in the form of deportation and his eventual migration to Adelaide, Australia. Finally, he was in a place he felt at peace in. Adelaide offered him the beaches he missed, the green under his feet he could sink into and the beautiful blue skies he could spend hours staring at. Among that, Adelaide offered something way more incredible.  Like minded people, individuals that wanted to explore nature, spirit and above all healing.

imageThrough the constant noise of the city, Adelaide, his new home, had led Tony on a personal journey of discovering different ways to heal – through Reiki, Card readings and now through his study of Naturopathy.

And here is where we are now… This blog will be Tony’s approach to healing Naturally.  He will be sharing his personal experiences with Naturopathy as he studies through Endeavour College of Natural Medicine as well as other teachings he may find along the way.  Eventually this site will be aimed to be a hub of like minded individuals to come together and support each other as they share their own experiences.

We hope you enjoy your stay and if you wish to have any input into the blog, please feel free to use the Contact page and let Tony know of any improvements he can make.